1. What if my child who is younger than 2nd grade wants to learn the instrument now?


    - Wonderful! Upcoming 2nd graders are welcome. He or she is younger than 2nd grade, they can still learn instrument now by taking private instruction. Private teacher can help the child prepare and accelerate learning . For list of  nearby teachers                 .    

2. What if there are not enough kids signed up for elementary program?


    - Again, They can always start by renting an instrument and starting private instruction on their own.  Austin's Violin shop will honor " KYO discount". When they are ready they can audition into the advanced group in KYO. See question 1 for private teacher listing.

3. Do you only have strings?

   - Yes, but we hope to expand into other instruments in the future. Stay tuned.

4. What does "being sized" mean?

   - String instruments come in various sizes in order to fit the size of the student. So each child has to be "sized" correctly to ensure correct posture and comfort. That is why it might be better to rent and not buy until the child grows and can use the full size instrument.